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The STRöHM handset package insert
Instructions for use:
Information for listeners (users)

Read the entire booklet (package insert) carefully before you start listening to this music as it contains important information for you.

Always listen carefully to the music. Perhaps the listening experience is exactly your product.

  • Keep the booklet in a safe place. You may want to read this again later.

  • Ask the musicians if you need more information or advice.

This also applies to side effects that are not listed in this booklet. - See section 5.

  • If you do not feel better or even worse after 3 days (if you are unimaginative) or 3 - 4 days (if you are tired of everyday life), contact your doctor.

What is in this booklet

  1. What is STRöHM -Music® and what is it used for?
  2. Contents of the music CD / music download and other information
  3. What should you watch out for before listening to STRöHM®?
  4. How should you listen to STRöHM -Music®?
  5. What side effects are possible?
  6. How should this STRöHM CD® or download be stored?

1. What is STRöHM -Music® and what for
is she heard?

Ströhm - Music contains improvisation music (electronic, experimental) and is an imaginative and stimulating style of music.

Ströhm - Music is part of the symptomatic treatment of lack of imagination and / or mild to moderate boredom.

Go on a journey of audio discovery with Ströhm - Music, feel a thirst for adventure and feel 20 years younger.

Ströhm - Music is suitable for adults and young people from the age of 12 to listen to.

2. Music content - CD / music download and other information

What STRöHM - Music contains

The active ingredient is: improvisation music (electronic, experimental).

A pressed CD / download album contains approx. 50 minutes of improvisation music (electronic, experimental) and has an invigorating effect.

The other ingredients are:

Timeless - intuitive - sensual - real

Genre: Ambient - Drone

Instruments: keyboards and vocals

How STRöHM - Music sounds like and the content of the music CD / music download

New sounds, rhythmically underlaid; sometimes screaming, then recovering with sensual set pieces; mostly move in the atonal range. Free and improvised style of play is in the foreground; Fantasy and melancholy, dream and transience combine to create a unique sound.

Contents of the CDs / the downloads: about 12 to 16 pieces of music. There are more STRöHM -Music® CDs / downloads on the market or will be placed on the market.

3. What should you watch out for before listening to STRöHM -Music®?

Ströhm - Music should not be listened to,

  • if you are allergic to electronic music improvisations or other freestyle music (avant-garde etc.) or one of the other components of this music mentioned in section 2;

  • if you have had allergic reactions to improvised music or similar music (especially atonal music compositions) in the past (e.g. nervousness, screaming fits, shock and other complaints);

  • if you feel a defense against the recognizable outside world;

  • if you have an unrestricted need for harmony;

  • if you prefer to linger in the happy togetherness of the eternal major chords;

  • when something unusual arises in you as malaise and stomach pressure with the desire to defecate;

If you have been listening to other music so far, get in carefully. If you have tantrums, just give away the CD.

Warnings and Precautions

Please talk to your doctor or musician before listening to STRöHM -Music®,

  • when listening to other music productions that contain electronic music - improvisation to avoid overdosing;

  • if you have been listening to high doses of improvised music for a long time and you develop headaches while listening to it; do not increase the dose, but seek advice from the musicians;

  • if you regularly listen to STRöHM -Music®, especially if you combine it with several styles of music at the same time; this can lead to impaired perception;

  • if you suffer from a lack of sensuality;

  • if you are choleric; For some listeners, the occurrence of tantrums can be caused by allergic reactions to atonal musical works or music improvisations. In this case, using / listening to this music is not recommended.

Listening to Ströhm - Music® together with alcohol

Ströhm - Music can be listened to together with alcohol consumption.

Driving and using machines

Ströhm - Music has no influence on the ability to drive and use machines.

4. How should you listen to STRöHM -Music®?

Always listen to this music exactly as described in this booklet.


To listen to again and again

Hearing in adults and adolescents (from 16 years of age)

  • The recommended single dose is 1CD per day; if necessary, the dose can be repeated at least 4 hours apart. In the case of greater lack of imagination or severe pain, the recommended single dose is 2 CDs; this dose can also be repeated at least 4 hours apart if necessary;

  • The total daily dose should not exceed 4 CDs per day.

Use in elderly patients (65 years and over)

  • The recommended single dose is 1-2 CD's per day; if necessary, the dose can be repeated at least 4 hours apart;

  • Perhaps you will start improvising music yourself - from retirement or even before that?

  • The total daily dose should not exceed 3 CDs per day.

Use in adolescents aged 12-15 years:

  • The dosage depends on the adolescent's ability to grasp; the age information is for informational purposes only;

  • The recommended single dose is 1 CD; if necessary, the dose can be repeated at least 4 hours apart;

  • The total daily dose should not exceed 2 CDs per day.

Use in special patient groups

Listen to this music for your entire life (if you are unimaginative) or 3–4 days or always (against pain), even if you have a doctor's prescription.

Type of listening

Remove the music carrier from its case and insert the CD into your device. Concentrate and listen to the music with plenty of calm and serenity. Of course, you can also download or stream the music.

When you've listened to more Ströhm - Music® than you wanted

It is possible that symptoms such as ringing in the ears, hearing loss and headache may occur while listening; these are typical signs of an overdose. If you suspect an overdose, stop listening and rest for a few hours or go for a walk.

If you have forgotten to listen to Ströhm - Music®

Just listen to the double dose if you forget. If you have any additional questions about listening to music improvisation, contact your music salesperson.

5. What side effects are possible?

Like all music, this music can have side effects, but not everybody can experience them.


Not known: frequency cannot be estimated from the available data.

All of these side effects are not serious and do not need urgent medical attention or immediate hospitalization.

The following symptoms of the side effect could be noticed:

  • Danger of addiction (desire for more, loss of hearing control, red cheeks, etc.);

  • nervous reactions such as goose bumps, shivering coldly over the back, swelling of the reddening of the face in connection with internal storms of enthusiasm;

  • Headache, hearing loss, ringing in the ears (tinnitus); such symptoms are usually a sign of an overdose.

These side effects are particularly common with high doses, which largely normalize after reducing hearing.

Reporting of side effects

If you experience any side effects, hear a little less. This also applies to side effects that are not listed in this booklet.

You can also report side effects directly here:


Eckhart Landes and Tilo Carozzi

6. How should this STRöHM CD or download be stored?

Keep this music accessible to everyone. You may listen to this music again and again after the date stated on the booklet. The date refers to the production time.

Do not store above 30 ° C.

You should not use this music CD if you notice any audible signs of deterioration.

Do not dispose of the music CD in household waste. Ask your music seller how to dispose of the music when you no longer use it. You help to protect our environment.

Music CD distribution

Daphono Records

72813 St. Johann GERMANY



This leaflet was last revised in February 2021

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