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Ströhm - timeless, intuitive, sensual


STRöHM combine experimental music (avant-garde ambient drone) with free improvisation and create imaginative sound structures from it. Novel sounds, rhythmically underlaid, expressive, dynamic, then again impulsive with romantic elements are the musical result of the mutual interplay.


The music of STRöHM is the result of an agreement within the band. The music arises from the moment and is not a rational, but an intuitive, emotional and sensual process.


The focus here is on free and improvised play. In the here and now, themes, motifs and rhythms develop into unique ones

Pieces of music. Only inspiration and mutual listening bring about this music and unique sound. Fantasy and melancholy, dream and transience are bundled here in the moment of energy, inspiration and joy of playing.


STRöHM does not seem static, but is a constantly developing, independently redefining process and moves away from existing conventions and music concepts.


The name "STRöHM" is based on Ichon Tichy: Raumpilot - The Star Diaries, in which a strange planet is being bombarded by asteroids ("Ström").

We in the here and now


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Tilo Carozzi

* 1957

Musician, freelance artist,

Dipl.Pedagoge, Dip. Social Pedagogue



“Where the need for expression meets the possible
is the place of art for me. "


In my artistic process, recognition and action, analysis and practice must be directly linked and interlocked. Artistic knowledge does not aim at analysis and causes, not at explanations and also causal intervention possibilities derived from them, but seeks to grasp the design and educational laws of your object from the phenomenon.


Art field: photography, experimental photography, lighting design,

Object art, free painting, room installations.

Der Künstler Tilo Carozzi von Stroehm-Music.JPG
Der Künstler Eckhart Landes von Stroehm-Music.jpg

Eckhart Landes

* 1958

Musician, composer, astrologer based on the "Munich Rhythms Theory", author and piano tuner.


"Music is the representation of time and brings the unity of a time to appearance; it is the direct representation of being as truth. This truth appears in the soul."


Time, music, rhythm - everything is in flux and contains permanent change. Anyone who confides in her will henceforth think more differently about life.


Eckhart Landes und Tilo Carozzi
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